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Temple of Virgin Mary

This holy temple was erected during the reign of Prince Miloš Obrenović. For 47 years archpriest Jeftimije had been performing the service in this temple. He is buried at the southern side of the temple.

The iconostasis was donated to the church by Jovan Kujundžić, a merchant from Belgrade, in 1875. The temple is dedicated to the birth of Virgin Mary, the Holy Mother of God, which is testified by a wonderful mosaic above the entrance.
The church was twice extended in length, in 1936 and in 1973. The current appearance of the western side was designed by the deceased Dr. Dragomir Tadić, architect from Belgrade. The feast day – the religious procession of Vrnjačka Banja - is on July 28th. That is the celebration day of Holy Martyrs Kirik and Julita.

In the surroundings of Vrnjačka Banja you can also visit several other holy places: the Church of the Holy Mother of God at Stanišinci, the Church of Saint Jovan at Vukušica, The Mausoleum of the Belimarković family on the town's cemetery...

Not far from Vrnjacka Banja there are many famous monasteries from the Middle Ages: Žiča (32 km away), Studenica (80 km), Ljubostinja (16 km), Stubal (11 km), Lazarica (38 km), Gračac (12 km) Kalenić (45 km)...

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