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A sauna is designed relax your body, boost immune system and improve overall wellbeing.

Staying in saunas - rooms with high air temperature and humidity - opens up your pores, causes extensive sweating and improves blood flow.

Due to excessive sweating, your body excretes accumulated toxic matter, this way strengthening immune system and releasing stress and tension from the body and mind, even negative thoughts go away.

Staying in sauna will improve your physical and mental state. It is recommended for professional and recreational athletes as well as for those not prone to physical activities; some people even use sauna instead of fitness, because benefits are similar: skin tightening and serotonin excretion, additional skin purification and heightened softness and elasticity.

From medical point of view, sauna can help you get rid of colds, anxious and depressive states and lower your respiratory-related ailments such as asthma, allergy or bronchitis.

However, sauna is not recommended for those who suffer from acute asthmatic problems, heart conditions or for people with high blood pressure.

Finnish Sauna

Finnish Sauna

Finnish sauna is a wood-lined room heated by a stove and a pile of heat-retaining stones on it.

Inside the heated room, a sauna bather sits on wooden benches and enjoys a good sweat. The temperature in the room is 70-100°C with humidity between 15% and 30%.

Wooden benches are set on different levels - the higher you sit, the higher the temperature - so if you are a beginner it is recommended to start sitting on the lowest bench or lying down.

If you wish to increase room temperature or humidity percentage, you can splash water from a nearby bucket on the stones.

It is recommended to stay in Finnish sauna between 6 and 15 minutes but the most important thing is to follow your subjective feeling. If you are exposed to heat for too long you can get dizzy

Wet Sauna

Temperature in wet saunas is between 55 and 65° C, and humidity is 35-50% - similar to tropical woods climate.

It is combination of Finnish sauna and steam room.

You can stay in wet sauna up to 25 minutes. While there, it is allowed to drink water.

Wet Sauna
Infrared Sauna

Infrared Sauna

This room uses infrared portion of the light spectrum, similar to that generated by Sun. Infrared rays are delivered from several tubes or panels set inside wooden walls. They penetrate deep into muscles and joints, speeding up circulation and boosting oxygen flow to our cells.

The whole point of an infrared room is that it delivers heat therapy without you getting extremely hot. Same technology is being used in neonatal incubators.

Temperature in this sauna is 50-60°C. It is recommended staying for 20-30 minutes with the regular water consumption.

Benefits of infrared sauna are multiple. Since the heat penetrates deeper, the effects reach deeper. You sweat much more heavily and at a lower temperature.

The composition of your sweat is different from that produced in a traditional (Finnish) sauna: the sweat is loaded down with toxins, including unwanted chemicals and heavy metals. You burn more calories while you're sweating than in Finnish sauna (30 minutes in infrared sauna can burn up to 900 calories and have the same benefits for your heart as running 4-5 km).

Using this sauna will boost your immune system, enhance your focus and have positive effects on your nervous system, because it improves excretion of endorphines and lessens levels of stress, tension, anxiety and insomnia.

Ladies like this sauna a lot because, if used regularly, it eliminates cellulite.

Infrared sauna is ideal for people who can't tolerate regular sauna; it is easier on the lungs and the eyes.

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