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Katić House

Katić House was built in third quarter of 19th century as home of a wealthy trade family Katić. Today it is cultural good and monument of high importance.

The first owner, Stevan Katić, born in Bogdanja village, gained huge property and respect during his lifetime. Stevan was member of the Parliament and so was his son, Petar: a trader and a senator.

House is example of Morava style with elements of oriental style. It was built in crushed stone covered in ceramida. It has one store above the ground-floor. It is strong in structure, spacious, with large windows.
Ground floor, with two arched entrances, is divided in two residential spaces. First floor has four rooms.

Katić House is one of rare almost completely perserved in its original shape, made as a result of changed lifestyle of fast growing Serbian patriarchal urban class in second half of 19th century.

Trstenik Old town is one of the best perserved in Serbia. In the centre is Church of Saint Trinity, built in 1898-1900, first church built in neo-morava style, very similar to king Milutin's church in Hilandar (Mount Athos).

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