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Stolovi - Wild Horses

Wild horses are such a rarity in Europe. Serbia has them near Vlasina Lake and Stara planina Mountain, but due to its quantity only Stolovi can be called - mountain of wild horses.

It all begun when owners of domesticated horses took them to Stolovi to take the burden of their feeding off their shoulders. They left them there for healthy and juicy food.

In time, horses were left there for longer periods, even during winter, so the herd became more and more independent and began to proliferate. Gradually, animals gained characteristics of wild horses, completely independent of men.

They survived harsh mountain conditions, many offsprings got killed by wolves and sometimes even inconsiderate men, but the horses are still there. Their owners can't get them back even if they wanted to. Some of them manage to bring them home to a stable, but only for a day or two, before horse escapes back to mountain, to freedom and those heavenly heights.

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