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Rafting on Ibar

The most exciting part is between Ušće - confluence of Studenica and Ibar - and medieval town Maglič. It is 25 km long and takes 3-5 hrs (depending on water level) to finish. Ušće is located 70 km from Vrnjačka Banja.

Ibar is river that flows through eastern Montenegro, Kosovo and Serbia.

In Serbian section, the river has carved the 40 km long and 550 m deep Ibar gorge. This stretch of the river is famous for its pinched meanders and gigantic whirlpools.

On its flow, from the medieval town of Maglič to Kraljevo, on a 25 kilometer long road, the calm river Ibar seems to get furious. Since 1990, every last Sunday in June, socalled Merry Race sports and tourist manifestation is traditionally held.

On the first Merry Race there were hardly 150 people with 20 different vessels, and today more than 10,000 domestic and foreign participants take part in the event. Merry Race lasts for several days, because campers arrive during that last week of June, and on Sunday thousands of decorated vessels with merry crews participate in the race.

The race on the Ibar ends traditionally in Mataruška Banja but only for a short time, where beans are traditionally prepared for the participants of the regatta. If you want, you can continue the race all the way to the city of Kraljevo, but if you get “tired” of too much beer or plum brandy, you can stay anchored here and enjoy the rest of the day.

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