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According to sources at the monastery, first people settled here around 1780, and they came from Herzegovina. Village was named Stubal after square rock that looks like column ("stub" in Serbian) and that stands in the village since ancient times.
It is believed that, with prayer and faith, the rock does wonders. It was probably part of some ancient church made of fragile material. The rock was firm enough to stand the test of time.

When owner of meadow in which the rock was situated, sick and tired of people coming to his property and worshiping it, threw the rock into stream, his stepson became immediately gravely ill. He repented, put the rock back in the meadow and his stepson got cured.
Two of them the built wooden church in 1906 near the rock. The stepson sold the meadow, due to feud with the church authority. Stojan Komatović bought the property in 1965. and built new church and monastery. After the wooden church vanished in a fire (but the rock survived!), Dragiša Gojković built a chapel around it in 1988. It still stands there today.

The rock still draws many people who believe that, through it, God works his miracles. Religious people claim that many miraculous healings occurred thanks to prayers to the rock.

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