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Bridge of Love

A legend says that teacher Nada and officer Relja madly fell in love before World War I. When the war broke, Relja was sent to Greek front. While there, he fell in love with a beautiful Greek lady and decided to break his engagement with Nada.
Back home, Nada was devastated and eventually died of sorrow. The bridge was once their favourite meeting place. Today, couples go there and write down their names on padlocks and hang them on the bridge fence, with the intention of "locking" their love; once the padlock is locked, the key is thrown into river.
The fence is covered in padlocks all over it (you can buy them in the nearby store) and, under the weight, many fall down in river. Communal officers regularly pick them up and storage them. Eventually they will be melted and turned into a sculpture - another symbol of love in Vrnjacka Banja.

Each year for Valentine's Day, a competition "Kiss me" is held in three categories: the longest kiss, the oldest couple and the most attractive couple.

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