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Cold Room

After using sauna blood vessels are expanded and need to be shrinked with colder environment in order to improve blood flow.

After spending time in sauna and before entering cold room, it is recommended to take a cold water shower so that your body can adjust to lower temperatures.

Temperature in cold room is about 4°C.

You should stay there for 2 minutes or less, depending on your subjective feeling. You should not use an ice room if you have a history of heart or respiratory problems, problems with your circulation, diabetes or an infection, any other medical condition, or are receiving treatment of any kind, if you have had any alcohol or have a fever.

The use of cold temperatures in medicine has a long history, from reducing swelling after an injury to treating abnormal skin cells.

Ice therapy has been used as an alternative treatment for a myriad of conditions, including rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, psoriasis, sleep disorders and depression.

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